Most of the contact between police officers and citizens is at a traffic stop – no one likes getting pulled over. It’s already an uncomfortable situation, and if you’re having a bad day, well, it just got worse. Getting pulled over is enough to make your stomach jump into your throat.

Within the average 15 minutes at a traffic stop, for the officer, it’s easy to determine the kind of day someone is having. In this video, the Lowell Police, from Lowell, Massachusettes, had an idea to emotionally gauge everyone they pulled over, and turn what the drivers assumed to be a total inconvenience or hassle, into something unexpectedly awesome.

Even though Christmas has passed, this video stands as a good reminder that kindness and compassion are year-round. This officer, with his behind the scenes “elves,” conspired to create small real-time miracles. The first woman is pulled over, and she and the officer appear to be engaged in small talk. The officer is asking her questions about what her children want for Christmas, and if she’s done her Christmas shopping, sneakily repeating what she says into his radio.

Moments later, a car pulls up delivering the gifts, much to her delight and surprise. Mom is thrilled. She hugs the cop and asks if she was actually getting the ticket.

Click below to see her story and the stories of others touched by the kindness of a few officers who banded together to help out during Christmas – and show how a little kindness goes a long way any time of the year!


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