When 69-year-old Air Force veteran Ron Villemaire was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer, he knew exactly what he wanted for his final wish. He revealed his deep desire to his daughter, and with the help of their local community, they were able to make it happen. Villemaire simply wanted to see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” And as you’ll see in the video, he did.

Because Villemaire is a die-hard Star Wars fan, he wanted to see the newest movie before he died. And after he was diagnosed with cancer this year, he worried that he would not be alive in time for its release.

While in hospice care in Bedford, New Hampshire, the Vietnam War veteran told his daughter he wanted to see the movie. But because he was dying, he was not able to go to the theater and sit there and watch it.

Although he had bought tickets a month ago, he couldn’t go as his cancer started getting worse. He suffered unbearable pain and struggled to sit up. Although he really wanted to see Star Wars, he couldn’t sit up for any length of time.

But his daughter, Elizabeth Ngo, really wanted to give her father his dying wish. So, she desperately reached out to the people of Bedford and asked them if they could help this sick veteran see the newest Star Wars movie.

And as soon as she made the request, the Bedford and New Boston fire departments stepped up to help. They announced that they would escort the veteran to the movie theater.

“We decided to partner to make his dream come true,” New Boston Fire Chief Dan MacDonald said.

On Saturday, Villemaire had a surprise guest. Darth Vader walked into his hospice room and helped transport him to O’Neil’s Cinemas for the movie.

And when the Air Force veteran arrived at the theater, more Star Wars characters were there to greet him. And he loved every minute of it.

Villemaire watched the movie with his family right there next to him. It was a dream come true for the Star Wars fan.

“We’re also big Star Wars fans, and we could help him,” Kelly O’Neil, the owner of the theater, told ABC 13. “I think any time you can help someone you should.”

Villemaire could not have hoped for a better way for his dream to come true.

“I hope God will bless each and every one of them just the way I feel blessed right now. He’s definitely with me right now,” he said. “It’s just unbelievable all these people are here and thank God for Star Wars fans!”

Fox News readers shared their support for the veteran in the comment section:

“He’s been on a very long and hard road. Very glad they were able to arrange for him to see the movie!”

“I’m glad he got his wish. The movie wasn’t much to brag about though.”

Some people thought the issue was offensive to the veteran.

“They could have quietly taken the dying serviceman to the show. But Noooooo, Disney won’t waste a good opportunity for publicity.”

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