The holiday season is all about cheer and giving. However, we often only think about our loved ones when buying gifts. It’s true that you can’t buy gifts for everyone, but there are ways you can help those who still deserve to be thanked!

You can say that mom of two Tiffany Judd knows how to lift strangers’ spirits.

Tiffany does all her Christmas shopping online and understands how busy this time of year is for the men and women who deliver her packages — and everyone else’s. It can’t be easy driving or walking from house to house without the time to break. Mail carriers have to suffer through the elements and hunger and thirst. Yet, they are not very often thanked.

So, to make their days a little easier and a little brighter, Tiffany leaves snacks, treats, and water for them to take as they leave her porch.

Her security camera caught a few of their reactions. One woman waved to the camera on her way back to her truck. One young UPS driver was so ecstatic that, after dropping off Tiffany’s boxes, he ran up to the camera, looked straight into the lens and sincerely thanked her!

It may be a small gesture, but it certainly makes a difference in the days of these mail carriers. Seeing them so happy puts a smile on Tiffany’s face, too.

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