Having family that lives far away can be heartbreaking at times, especially if that family member is serving overseas, put in dangerous situations. You will not be able to see them as much as you would like, and much of your communication stems from letters and care packages.

One little boy had not one big brother, but two big brothers in the Navy, who have been very close since the boy was just a baby.

The holiday season makes you miss your family more than usual, so this little guy probably missed his big brothers a lot! The two decided to give their little brother the best present ever, their presence!

The twin brothers confidently walk through their brother’s school halls in unison with their matching blue uniforms, and turn into his classroom. One twin brother and the little guy spotted each other and the purest moment between family began.

He had no idea they would be coming.

Their little brother runs across the classroom pushing through any desk or chair in his way. His excitement landed in the arms of his big brother. Their hug was clearly filled with loved! The little boy could not hold his composure when tears spilled out onto his brother’s shoulder.

While one twin is getting all the love, the other says, “Don’t worry, I’ll just wait my turn.”

Their little brother then shared loved with his other big brother.

The holidays are happily sealed for this little boy!

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