When I was in high school, cell phones were just starting to take over everyone’s lives. About half the students at my school had them, but they weren’t allowed to be seen or heard during school hours. I was quite surprised when I recently learned that many high schools allow students to have phones out during the day, even in classrooms.

Yet one teacher at Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas is trying to change that. Debbie Simon, who teaches Spanish, forces her students to lock up their phones in special pouches before every class.

“They grab their pouches, they come in, they lock their phones, and that’s it,” Debbie told KTNV Las Vegas.

The pouches, made by the company Yondr, magnetically lock the phones inside and cannot be reopened until they’ve been swiped across a magnetic base.

While students initially pushed back against the classroom policy when it was implemented last year, they love it now.

“The engagement in the classroom went up,” explains Sierra Vista’s Principal Dr. John Anzalone in the video below. “I actually had several students come up to me and say, ‘Thank you, because I haven’t focused in class like this in years.’”

“We’re more focused,” one teen girl says

“Definitely my grades have improved a little bit,” her classmate remarks.

In cases of an emergency, teachers allow students to unlock their phones and step outside the classroom.

In order to reassure parents, the principal adds that parents can still call the school directly if they want to reach their child.

What do you think of this policy? Do you feel it’s fair for students, or going a bit overboard?

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