A mailman is being hailed a hero after he saved a 74-year-old woman from a dangerous situation while on his route.

Ben Garcia is no stranger to being a hero. The mail carrier was deployed to Afghanistan with the US Army and was awarded a Purple Heart before joining the United States Postal Service.

But back at home, he’s continued to make difference, in part because he made a wrong turn while doing his job.

Ben was working a different route than usual, filling in for a colleague. Unfamiliar with the rural area, he turned down the wrong road.

Just moments earlier, 74-year-old Connie Nolan left her house in a hurry thinking that she was going to be late to church. In her haste, she slipped and fell on the icy concrete driveway and couldn’t get back up; she had fractured her tibia and fibula.

“And that’s when I saw the US mail truck,” Connie told KMGH Denver. “And I said, ‘Dear God please make him turn on his left-hand signal.’ And he did.”

Ben helped Connie off the driveway, called a family member, and stayed with her until help arrived. With no one else around in the neighborhood, Connie knows that she’s lucky.

“He could have saved my life,” she said.

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