Appearances can be deceiving. Especially seeing the same thing, day in day out, from far away, frequently. It’s easy to become desensitized, letting certain people and things just disappear into the background.

Josh Paler Lin, YouTuber, and prankster, decided to go for a more serious video when he approached a homeless man on the side of the highway – surely a sight seen by many every day.

In an experiment meets micro-humanitarian project, Josh walks up to the man whose name is Thomas, and hands him a $100 bill, no strings attached. They exchange a hug and Josh “walks away.”

Along with a little help from his friend holding a camera, Josh follows Thomas to see what his next move is, which is exactly what Josh predicted – a prompt trip to the liquor store. Feeling a little disheartened, Josh continues to follow Thomas, and what he sees next completely changes his initial snap judgment.

Thomas walks over to a picnic bench where two older women are sitting, seemingly homeless, and hands them packages of food. He then strolls over to another bench, this time a 5-person family, and continues to hand over more food. This is where Josh intercepts by walking up to him, and offering an apology for thinking Thomas would spend the money on alcohol. Meanwhile, here he is handing over food to people he’s never met before.

Click below to see what Josh does next, leaving them both stunned and in a state of shock at each other’s kind actions.


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