The realities of life are a lot to bear for some people. Those who cannot face the fact of our mortality will usually turn to drink and drugs to distract them from the ticking clock that is their mortal time on earth. Others, perhaps stricken with unease and sadness about their fate on earth, will turn to suicide to ease the pain.

Such was the plan of a 31-year old Argentine recently. He was flailing outside of a window and threatening to take his own life when his girlfriend contacted authorities and he was literally kicked to safety. Video recording of the incident was caught by locals. It shows how far out the young man was leaning from his sixth-floor apartment. It also showed the miraculous work of the firefighters who found a way to hold him back.

Authorities arrived while the man was distraught in his room and threatening to jump. They quickly took to easing the man’s worries, relying on their years of training and expertise in crisis management to convince him to go against what fate seemed to be forcing him to do. As some of the specialists negotiated with the man, others put a mattress below his window to ease his fall if he decided to jump. Other specialists took to the roof and descended from the roof on ropes to meet the man. At this point, plenty of people had gathered in the street to observe what would happen next!

Little did they know that they were watching the Special Rescue Group (GER) in operation here, and thus should not have had much to worry about.

One of these experts descended from the roof and actually kicked the man back into his room and away from danger. In the video footage caught at the scene you can hear one of the onlookers say: “Look, they’ve just gone.Those guys are amazing, real pros’. Others on the street could not hold back their happiness and soon claps from the crowd reverberated throughout the street.

It was all confirmed later on by the police department, who said they were called on Saturday morning to a situation in downtown Buenos Aires. Apparently, the man had abused his girlfriend and even threatened her dad with verbal abuse and the very real threat of a knife.

The official statement from the police read:

“When officers arrived he climbed halfway out of his window and began to shout that he was going to throw himself over the edge. Police requested back-up including the presence of the GER. Members of the GER placed themselves strategically on the roof of the building and other neighboring properties and arranged for a safety mattress to be placed on the pavement as they struck up a conversation with the would-be jumper to try and get him to change his mind. Despite the negotiation attempts, he persisted in his intention to throw himself out of the window, so GER officials executed to perfection a heroic maneuver, abseiling down the front of the building to the window where the man was and pushing him back inside the flat.”

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