If the creation of a child already involves a lot of work, dedication and love, what about creating two at the same time?The answer is: double emotion !!

This mother knew that her children were always getting things right, so she decided to catch them in the act. She put the movie Frozen for them to watch, something they had already watched dozens of times. She set up her phone and secretly began filming her adorable twins.

At first, it looked like their babies were just going around. But not even she could have imagined the wonder they were doing! While the twins play on the floor, they have their eyes glued to the TV all the time. Turns out they’re reenacting the Frozen scene!In the film, Anna wakes up Elsa and they decide to make a snowman.

In the video, we can see the twin lie on the pillow, while her brother gives her a little affection on the back. The boy caresses his hand in the air as if he were creating a snowball, in the same way that he sees Elsa do. Several moments of the movie are lovingly copied by them.Watch the video and love:

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