Parents know how difficult it gets to handle the kids. But when it is all about handling twins, then everything gets double – from double experience to double trouble. Especially when it gets into get them to the bed, the trouble gets extra. But this mom seems to be much clever with what she did is fine art. Unlike other babies who ran away at bedtime, this mother tried out that makes her babies run to the bedroom at the bedtime.

She had surprised most parents with her tricks. Anyone who had to put their toddler to bed must appreciate what she did is surely a masterpiece. Parent Magazine unveils that there are many reasons why toddlers are afraid of naps. They do hesitate. The main reason is being that they experience the new independence sense.

However, this clever mom gives impedance to the twin toddlers so they can perform the adult task. They do pick their own clothes, brush their teeth by themselves, and also pick up their own outfits. They do think that they are teenagers. This mom doesn’t face any problem when there I bedtime.

These two little toddlers turn their bedtime into an all sorts of adventure. No wonder that when their little head hits the pillow they fall asleep. However, when the mom mentioned the word ‘bedtime’, the twins ran for their bedroom. They jumped into the bed.

For them, it was a getting relief from their mom’s hand. As they passed the hallway and entered the bedroom, they went to the cribs. They were smiling when they were on the bed. They do these things every night. Check out the video to learn more about their routine.

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