In what could have been no laughing matter, this baby couldn’t stop giggling.

Kirsty Green was grocery shopping with her 14-month-old son, Brandon Emery, in Bude, England, last weekend. While Green was unloading her groceries in the trunk, the unthinkable happened.

“So I opened the car and the boot [trunk] and put Brandon in the car, placed my keys down in the boot and unloaded the shopping,” Green told CBS News. “Not having a second thought about the keys I closed the boot and could see that Brandon had climbed into the front of the car and was happily playing with the steering wheel.”

Kirsty Green and her son, Brandon Emery

The tot quickly hit the lock button — all smiles — as Green walked around to the front of the vehicle.

Firefighters arrived within a few minutes to save the jolly baby.

When “Brandon decided to put [a coin] in his mouth,” the firefighters ditched prying the door open and swiftly smashed through the rear window to retrieve Brandon — unscathed from the ordeal.

“The car can be fixed, my son is irreplaceable. He was clearly traumatised by the whole ordeal,” Green quipped on Facebook.

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