Visiting your dentist is not usually a laughing matter. In fact, many people are scared to go to a dentist. Some may even say that going to a clinic can be a dreadful experience. But for this woman, her experience seemed to be so hilarious that she couldn’t stop laughing.

For dentists to extract our teeth, they administer anesthetic injections into inner cheek or gum. It may cause pain, temporary loss of sensation, and other side effects such as ear pain, nausea, or vomiting.


When American Kara West visited her dentist, she filmed herself in a car to talk about her experience. She had a filling replaced, and she couldn’t move half of her face after the session.

In the clip, she sits in her vehicle and relays her distressing yet amusing experience. Her video has amassed over 20 million views, 113K shares, and almost 200K comments!


Just finished at the dentist,” she says. “The dentist gave me such a strong injection, I can’t move my face.”

She tried to stop herself from chuckling but failed. “I can’t even blink.” She then laughed hysterically before showing an eye patch.


I’ve gotta wear an eye patch that she’s given me…” she smiled, “to stop my eye from drying out because I can’t shut it,” then she laughed uncontrollably!

With her mouth awry and one eye shut, she continued to laugh. But how did this happen? Most likely, her dentist injected the anesthesia into the wrong nerve. Even so, she seems to be fine with it.

Although this funny woman gets everyone laughing, we hope that the anesthesia wore off immediately for her to smile widely and blink again.

Make sure that you watch this video that has gained 20 million views!

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