Parents are the best gift that God gave us, living without parents is the worst feeling for children. When parents meet their children after a long period, it becomes a priceless moment for them. We are sharing some heart touching reunions of parents with their children.

Watch these heart touching reunions in the video above.

In the first clip, the father was eagerly waiting outside of his daughter’s school to surprise her. When she comes out and sees her father, she immediately starts running. She is so happy that she is crying, screaming and running to her dad to give him a tight hug.

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In another clip, a cute little girl in white sweatshirt running to her dad to hug him. She is blushing and smiling.

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The girl in a yellow T-shirt is running down this street as fast as she can to welcome and hug her father, who has returned home from deployment. She is crying hardly after seeing her father. While giving her dad a huge hug, the girl continues to weep because she was not believing that her dad has come back and she is holding him tightly.

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