Fork “Lattice” Crust

To make this easy faux-lattice design, all you’ll need is store-bought pie crust dough and a fork! Hold the fork vertically in your hand and firmly press it into the dough. (Firm enough to leave deep grooves, but delicate enough not to cut through the dough.)

Then, hold the fork in the opposite direction (horizontally) and mark the dough to the right of your first mark. Continue this alternating pattern in a line across the dough – from left to right. Follow this pattern until you’ve marked the entire piece of pie crust dough. Use the decorative dough to top your pie!

“Paper Snowflake” Heart Crust

Fold your pie crust dough in half from top to bottom. Then, fold in half again from left to right. Fold in half one last time, until you have a triangular shaped piece of dough. Using a cookie cutter or knife, carefully cut out a semi-circle at the tip of the triangle. Along each side, cut out three “half-heart” shapes in a row. Unfold the crust to reveal a beautifully symmetric heart pattern! (*TIP* Make sure pie crust is folded evenly to ensure perfect hearts!)

Circle Pattern Crust

Using a round piping tip, cut out rows of large and small circles from the dough by alternating the top and bottom of the piping tip.


Circle Pattern Punchouts Crust

Put the extras circles of dough from the previous design to use with this pie topper. Lay circles of dough from outside to inside on the top of a pie, until completely covered. If desired, use the smaller circles to decorate the larger outer circles on the pie’s crust.


Pie Crust Roses

Using miscellaneous mason jar lids, or circular objects, punch out three same-sized circles of pie crust dough. Lay the circles in a vertical line, overlapping the edges just slightly. Use your thumb to press the pieces together. Then, tightly roll the line of circles up from bottom to top. Cut the roll in half with a pair of scissors and stand each roll upright (outer edges of the roll should face up.) Use your fingers to fan out the “petals” of crust until the dough resembles a small rose. Attach your roses to the rim of the pie crust using egg wash and light pressure.


Lace Doily Crust

Lay a large doily on top of your pie crust and press it firmly into the dough. Then, lightly roll over the doily using a rolling pin. Peel off the doily to reveal a beautiful pattern.


Ribbon Crust

Using a pizza cutter, slice thick, even strips of dough. Take one strip and lay on the edge of an egg-washed crust in a back and forth motion, using your thumb and first finger, to form “ribbons” of dough along the entire rim of the pie. Press lightly to secure.


Twirly Swirly Crust, (with a “Spoon-Crimped” Edge)

Slice the dough into thin, even strips using a pizza cutter. Take a strip and twist the ends in opposite directions until the dough twirls up slightly. Lay the twirls on top of the pie in a circular pattern until you reach the center. Use a small spoon to adorn the edge of the crust by pressing lightly and creating two half-circle marks – one on top of the other. Bake and enjoy!

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