Throughout your years in school, some of the most fun nights are any type of school talent show your school holds. You get to hear people sing, watch your friends perform magic, and every now and then, see something that you’ve never seen before.

Nigel, Dylan, Matt, Elias, and Jordan are just high school boys who wanted to do something that was unexpected and creative for their talent show. Though none of the boys are Scottish, they came up with the idea of putting together a drum line known as the Hot Scots. They also wore the traditional kilts and go full out. All five teenagers are from Lake Howell High School, and their drumline performance allowed them a win their school’s talent show!

Let’s do a play by play before you watch the video down below. Oh, and by the way, the boys came up with this performance in only one week!

The teens walk out onto the stage, and their friends are shouting their names and words of encouragement right away.

The boys are in sync from the time they start playing the drums. They do fancy tricks with their sticks as they bang the drum quickly. At some point, the boy at the far left pretends to be doing his own thing, so his friends look over at him until he starts doing what they do, too, and it’s funny!

They even start adding their own dance moves as they play, making their act even more entertaining. As they continue, the group does different moves that will keep the audience engaged. For example, they all squat down, and one by one they get up to play until they’re all in sync again.

They bang their drumstick not only on the drums but on each other’s drumsticks too, and that earns them cheers from their friends and peers.

Then, randomly, they start to sing! Only a couple lines, but it brings laughter to the audience and to the viewers.

The boy in the middle then plays with his hand behind his back, and even more shockingly? With his mouth! I could go on and on with the tricks they do, but we’d be here for another hour. You really don’t want to miss this awesome performance!

If you’d like to watch these high schoolers show off their drum line, watch the video down below! (The last move will make you burst out in laughter!)

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