Led Zeppelin was way beyond their time when they wrote “Stairway to Heaven.” While it might be considered an old song now, I think it still sounds timeless! Unless you know, it’s hard to place the era, and even if you do know, you can’t deny its grandeur. The way it starts off slow and how it hauntingly chimes in before picking up speed and heaviness, taking you on an adventure. By the time you’ve listened to the song in its entirety, it’s literally and figuratively so moving, you’re rendered breathless.

And so are these ten synchronized female swimmers from Spain who have worked so hard and diligently to pull off a gold medal-winning performance. How do they even have time to breathe?! It’s seriously beyond me!

I love how they chose an unusual song to swim to. Generally, for this sport, the selected music pieces are a little more lighthearted and flowy. There aren’t any rockin’ solo guitar riffs or banging percussion. These ladies are pioneers and opted to go against the grain! It looks like it paid off too because you can tell how much they enjoyed putting on this performance – it shows in their energy and passion. You have to watch how the grace the surface of the water, in perfect sync, and not missing a beat. It’s mesmerizing.

I’ve never seen a synchronized swimming routine quite like this one. This is literally water ballet, and to the tune of this song, I’d say they upped the ante and made it more of a water concert! While they start off rather traditional, they waste no time jumping into more challenging and unconventional moves, like hoisting one another up to do dives and flips. At one point, it looks like they’ve replaced the air in “air drums” with water for both water guitar and water drums. Notice their arm movements mimicking the same to and fro motions of playing an actual instrument! You can tell how much planning and practice this routine took!

No wonder these ladies took home gold, I can’t take my eyes off them! Their moves are so tight and in sync and original! I’ve never seen synchronized swimming done at this level of high energy and creative output. How they manage to pull this off in water as opposed to land, blows me away!

Click below to watch this team rock out in the water.

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