Not all churches have big budgets and expansive resources. Oftentimes congregational members engage in their own fundraisers just so the church can turn around and help out others in need by providing food and helping pay their bills when people are down on their luck and facing hard times.

A local church in Fort Benning, Georgia, needed a boost to its bottom line, so members decided to have a bake sale. Two boys ages nine and 13 took this fundraiser on the road, but couldn’t believe the response they received at their local Taco Bell.


The boys walked into the fast food restaurant and began approaching others about buying their tasty treats. When Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon caught sight of them, he wasn’t as interested in their food so much as he was their condition.

Army Lt. Col. Risdon had just begun to eat when he spied the kids. He thought they looked awfully cold and definitely were wearing wet clothes.

Flickr/Mike Mozart

So he gently approached them and asked if they had eaten dinner yet. When they shook their heads no, he instructed them to follow him to the counter.

This soldier, who has spent his lifetime protecting Americans’ rights and freedom, felt called to help the boys. Another diner, Jason Gibson, observed their interesting interaction and captured it on camera.

“I had to video it and share. Our troops are always taking care of us. Thank u LTC Robert Risdon.”

What’s even sweeter is after the boys ordered whatever they wanted off the menu and Army Lt. Col. Risdon paid for it, the youngest boy told him something quite heartwarming.

“I want to be just like you when I grow up.”

Then the little boy did something Lt. Col. Risdon never expected. He saluted the soldier.

YouTube/Jason Gibson

Watch their inspirational exchange in the video below and see how another random act of kindness from an everyday hero helped brighten these boys’ lives.

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