Every larger family has that one sibling who is essentially the class clown of the group. This sibling is always there to make everyone else laugh, and also to push the buttons of his brothers and sisters.

In the video below, it quickly becomes clear who this sibling is in this family!

Siblings Kate and Liam love to sing, so they practiced tirelessly to perfect their rendition of Lady Antebellum’s “Think About You” so that they could perform it on YouTube. It was only when they finished filming the video and went back to watch it that they realized what their little brother was doing behind them the whole time!

The video opens with Kate starting to sing as Liam sits next to her waiting for his turn. Their mother is filming them, and their sister can be seen laying in bed behind them. Seconds into the video, their younger brother Johnny appears behind them, and he wastes no time in stealing the show! The little boy can’t resist video bombing his older siblings with his hilarious antics!

We have no idea how their mother managed to keep a straight face as she watched this scene unfold! Even their younger sister never lets on as to what Johnny is doing. We can only hope that no fights broke out when Kate and Liam finally saw what Johnny had done!

It’s clear that Johnny is one little boy who has his family in stitches all the time! Check out the hilarious video below, and SHARE this story so your friends and family can see this as well!

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