The paramedics who helped give a dying woman her final wish were brought to tears talking about the touching moment that has since gone viral.

Hervey Bay paramedics Graeme Cooper and Danielle Kellam spoke to Today about the photograph of Mr Cooper standing next to a palliative care patient at the beach.

The photograph posted by Queensland Ambulance Service on Facebook earlier this week has been shared more than 20,000 times.

Mr Cooper said the patient mentioned how much she loved the beach when they transported her home to die.

Mr Cooper cried while talking about the beach moment.

The picture of Mr Cooper with the patient has gone viral.

“We got another call to take her back to hospital because things had changed and she wanted to pass away at the hospital so we said ‘how about the run by the beach again’,” he said.

“It’s absolutely all about the patient, we’re about the people and this moment for her was closure at the end of her journey.”

Mr Cooper then cried describing the patient’s reaction to being taken to the beach.

“I was just standing with the patient before I went down to get the water for her so she could put her hand in it and actually feel the salt water again for the last time,” he said.

“When she had her hand in the water and swirling it around I had contact with her hand. She lifted her hand and put it into her mouth, she’d had a lot of trouble swallowing.

Graeme Cooper and Danielle Kellam were the paramedics transporting the patient.

“She said it was just so beautiful and she closed her eyes for a minute, and her heart rate just accelerated, I could see it palpating in her chest.

“She opened her eyes again and I asked how she was and she said ‘it’s time for me to go’ and we loaded her back in the vehicle.”

Mr Cooper said the response to the photograph had been humbling.

“I never expected it, and I didn’t even know the photograph was taken,” he said.

“I can’t explain what and why we do it, but we do. To spend time with somebody that you don’t know, I had never met this lady before in my life, but it’s like she was my family.

“To do something special for her that meant to much to her and be part of her husband’s journey down here, for the time they’ve lived in the Bay, married for 50 years, they were soulmates.”

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