As they always say, “Kids say the darndest things,” or better yet, “Parakeets say the darndest things.” Many stories have gone viral with parakeets and parrots repeating silly or even embarrassing things. Maybe even your own bird at home has said something outrageous.

But for one male Moustache Parakeet, also known as a Red-Breasted Parakeet, he had an important message to share with his three young birdies in the morning. Those coming across the video are going bonkers at the cuteness, and truthfully, so am I!

In a viral video, Ozzie is seen perched on the wall of a plastic container filled with bedding. In the container are two of the three baby parakeets cuddling together during a resting session along with a spare parakeet sitting off in the distance. Ozzie continues to tell the babies over and over again, “Good morning,” and “Gonna feed the babies.” Some also hear Ozzie tell the birds, “I love you, babies.” Other viewers thinks that instead of, “Gonna feed the babies,” the bird is saying, “C’mon, let’s feed the babies.” What do you think?

Regardless of what he said, Ozzie is so sweet to the young birds! Just his adorable, high-pitched voice makes it a hundred times cuter.

But honestly, those barely-feathered babies were probably thinking, “Just feed us already, and shut your beak!” That’s the kind of impression that I get when I look at that one baby parakeet who’s cuddling another, staring Ozzie down as he’s speaking. Then, of course, the other two parakeets don’t seem too amused, kind of just ignoring his chitter chatter. In the end, we all know Ozzie had good intentions.

Then shortly into the video, the owner picks up the lone parakeet in the container, bringing the baby to Ozzie while he is speaking. Daddy Parakeet later gives it kisses after his owner tells him to! My heart can’t take it at this point.

Overall, while the parent bird learned what he knows from his owner, his verbal and physical interactions with his bird children proves that he’s a great and caring father!

To hear Ozzie’s good morning message to his babies, be sure to click the play button on the video below. (I replayed it probably four or five times!)

What did you think about Ozzie the parakeet and his viral video? Cute? Silly? Funny? Tell us your honest opinion!

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