The exchange of vows at a wedding ceremony is a sacred act. With the vows, the soon-to-be married couple make promises unto one another that should be kept until death. It’s a time for the couple to clearly articulate to one another how they feel and how they will take care of one another, no matter the circumstances. The vows are followed by the ring exchange, and at that the point the officiator pronounces the man and woman as husband and wife.

As serious and sacred as the wedding ceremony is, it doesn’t mean it should be without humor and a bit of light-heartedness. After all, the wedding ceremony is a time where all of your friends and family come together to celebrate and have a good time. So we weren’t exactly surprised when, in the video below, a slight mishap at the altar left the bride – and the crowd – cracking up. Here at SFG, we love candid moments like this one, and we just knew we had to share it.

Did you see the chain reaction of laughter coming? Is this a sign of good things to come for the happy couple? We certainly think so! Let us know your thoughts on this video and be sure to share it with your friends and family. Also, if you have any humorous wedding stories to share, please do so!

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