Upon leaving high school you wonder what you will do next. You hope that you will make a living for yourself doing something that you love, but you certainly don’t expect that your passion will turn into a successful business before the age of 21. For John Cronin, that’s exactly what he did…

When John Cronin was finishing high school in 2016 he wasn’t sure what he was going to do next. Like most boys his age, he had big decisions to make for his future, but for most boys his age they don’t have the same obstacles as John.

John has down syndrome but at no point has he ever let it define him or hold him back. When he wanted to start up a ‘fun business’, his father, Mark, supported him the whole way and together they created ‘John’s Crazy Socks’.

Down syndrome never holds me back. I love inspiring people!

John’s passion for colorful socks became the inspiration for his business and his online shop has gone on to become a booming business, turning over approximately $1.3 million in its first year!

John and Mark’s company aims to raise awareness of Down syndrome and how it doesn’t define your path in life. When each order is shipped, along with the ordered socks, a handwritten note from John is packed in too. 5% of their sales go to charities like the National Down Syndrome Society and Autism Awareness and they even have a number of employees with disabilities.

Since the success of their first year in business, they have now moved headquarters to a 6,400 square foot warehouse in Melville, New York. John has embraced his new role as the big boss and enjoys coming up with unique marketing initiatives like a ‘Sock Of The Month’ club and a ‘Monday Madness Mystery Bag’.

John and I have this special partnership. We both know we need each other. We are both committed to the mission we have and we want to work together. I’m a lucky man to be able to work with my son.

John is a perfect example of how you can do anything you set your mind to, regardless of your circumstances in life. John is truly inspiring!

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