There is an evocative power in a song that transcends language. That’s why even the earliest primitive cultures had some form of music or chant to express their emotions, hopes, and dreams.

Perhaps that’s why it’s so natural for mothers to sing to their babies. Whether it’s an actual lullaby or a tune being hummed, one of the best ways for a mother and her baby to connect is through music.

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In the following video, which was taken in 2016, a mother can be heard singing to her baby “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin. It’s a worship song and from that, we can infer that she must be quite religious and wanted to introduce her son Leland to God as early as possible.

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Perhaps the mother is part of the choir because she has a beautiful voice and is hitting those notes nicely. As you would expect, after the first few lines the baby is smiling and making gentle laugh sounds. But as the song continues, his expression starts to change.

We can see tears start to well up in his eyes until the moment comes when a single tear rolls down his cheek.

Screenshot via YouTube

Was the baby so moved by the power of the song and the mother’s obvious faith in God? We can only speculate but of course, that’s what the mother would like to think.

Screenshot via YouTube

Either way, she’s lucky that she got the whole thing on film and perhaps when her son is older she can show him the clip. Maybe if he remembers that moment he can finally tell her what was running through his mind.

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