At first It looks as if someone is asking for help in a car filled with smoke.

The surprise police officer faced a little more than a man in need of help once he found out more about the situation.

On the 23rd (local time), the image-sharing site Emmer released a video of a police officer’s badd cam, which was taken while he was on patrol.

There is a smoke-filled car in the shown in the video. There is so much smoke that the officer can not see the inside of the car.

Suddenly a hand appears on the window. It looks like the action you make if you are desperately trying to ask for help.

The police officer who quickly approached the car tried to check the situation inside the car by tapping the window.

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The driver looks out through the window.

The driver ‘s face looks terrified.

As the driver, who looked around finally opens the window and fumes of smoke leak out.

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There is something in his hand. It was marijuana.

He was caught by the police while he was closing the window in his car and smoking marijuana.

Specific information such as when or where the video was shot is unknown.

Therefore, we can not tell if the area’s law legalizes marijuana.

The police officer said that he was rather startled to find something else when he thought it was a dangerous situation with a person in need.

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