Before her audition for “The X Factor,” Sami Brookes’ playful banter won over the crowd but left the judges wary of her actual talent. That all changed when she raised the mic to her mouth.

Sami Brookes opened her audition for the 2011 season of “The X Factor” with a declaration of love for one of the judges, but by the end of her performance, the sentiment was fully returned. Not only did her rousing rendition of “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston earn a unanimous standing ovation, but prompted one judge (the one on whom Brookes admitted to crushing on) to ask “Where have you been hiding?”

Since being on “The X Factor,” Brookes has decided not to pursue a career as a pop star. In an interview with The Examiner, she says she prefers to spend her time “gigging up and down the country,” no doubt charming everyone she encounters with her effervescent personality.

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