Anyone with children knows that their top priority is to keep their child safe and protect them at all costs. Sadly, there are rare cases when mothers aren’t prepared for the idea of having a child of their own and do something drastic to stop that from happening after the baby is born. That sense of panic is exactly what prompted one mother to leave her newborn baby girl in an unthinkable position — and if a pair of kind strangers hadn’t found her in time, she may have wound up dead…

Annette and Jimmy Alverez were searching through the dumpsters by their apartment in Merced, California when they stumbled upon something horrifying. There, underneath food scraps and trash, was a newborn baby with her umbilical cord still attached. At first, they feared it appeared the newborn had already passed away. But Annette summoned her courage and tried to stir the baby awake, “I tapped her right here underneath and on her chest and she threw out a scream, I knew she was alive.”

At that moment, their hearts skipped a beat and they screamed out for someone to call the police! Jimmy removed his shirt and immediately wrapped the newborn in it to keep her warm. When police officials arrived, they whisked the baby girl away to the hospital and began their search for the mother — who was likely in need of medical attention herself. Even though the baby was gone, Annette and Jimmy decided to get involved even further. Learn more about what they are doing for the child and how they plan to stay in her life in the video here. If Annette and Jimmy didn’t go out looking for recyclables that evening, there’s a good chance Miracle Baby (as they’re calling her) wouldn’t have made it through the night.

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