Plumbers are our heroes when we have problems with our water lines or our sewage, but you can seldom find a person who would take an extra mile just to help you. When a resident named Andrea Adams finally found this person and was able to witness him in action, she can’t help but grab her phone and take pictures of him then shared it on social media. This man is not like your regular plumber! He is willing to dive deep in muddy water just to help the resident.

Andrea Adams’ water line just near her driveway busted and water was everywhere. The man who came to help is Jimmie Cox, a utility worker from Acton Municipal Utility District. He only took the call to add to his overtime pay but when he arrived, he did not expect something this bad; water is spewing everywhere! Jimmie was unsure about how to fix the problem because it was a massive leak and Adams is already anxious that this might cause a flood in her front yard. Unexpectedly, instead of turning his back on this problem, Jimmie did the unthinkable.

Jimmie was so determined to fix this busted pipe so what he did, he dives into the muddy water, head first! Adams was overwhelmed by what the plumber did. She said, “When I walked back outside, the kid was in there!” Right then and there, she knew that she has to take pictures of this amazing incident. She asked him, “Do you mind if I take pictures of you because my husband is never gonna believe this.”

The brave 23-year old plumber, later on told the local news station that the hole was about 5 ½ foot deep and the lady was running around. After Adams asking permission and Jimmie agreed, she snapped a picture of him where his upper body was submerged deeply in the muddy water. She posted the picture on Facebook and within 2 hours the photo has gone viral! “People in Brazil were commenting,” Adams said. This true picture of an American worker is quickly spreading internationally and have garnered the attention that she never expected.

However, because of the public’s response to this snapshot, Adams has to shut down her social media account. She turned off her email and she also had a call from a lawyer in Atlanta saying that he wanted to use the photo. Before Adams can take down this viral photo, “Dirty Jobs” himself, Mike Rowe took notice of it. He was very impressed with what Jimmie did and he also had to share the picture.

Jimmie, later on received a phone call from Mike Rowe and he got to chat with him. “Tell me you’ve had a shower too,” Rowe jokingly said while on the phone with Cox. He raised a toast to Jimmy and said, “Tell me that was a water line because if it was a sewage line I would have to buy you a whole case of beer.” Jimmie just laughed and confirmed that it was indeed a water line this time but he did not deny that he was able to dive deep under a sewage before.

Aside from this amazing phone call from Mike Rowe, Jimmy got another surprise that he never expected. If you have noticed in the photo, you can see that he was wearing a pair of Wranglers and because the jeans company was so impressed of what he did, they are sending him a one year supply of jeans! Definitely a little bonus for this brave man who defines dedication on the job.

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