When Klynn Scales was a little girl, she lived in Kansas City with her two younger brothers and mother. The children were brought up in an environment full of violence and drugs, and they were constantly neglected. They were left to find food for themselves and Klynn being the oldest; she knew that the responsibility rested squarely on her shoulders

A short distance down the road from their house was a convenience store, the Seven Eleven. Klynn used to sneak in and steal food for her brothers. Also nearby, there was a police station. One particular officer used to pass by their house every day, and Klynn used to wait for him by the window. She would then wave at him, and the cop would wave back, totally unaware of what was going on behind that soft smile.

The nine-year-old did not know the officer’s name, but one thing she would never forget was his kind smile and assuring words. He told her that if she ever needed anything, she could go to him. The cop also said to her that he would protect her, and her brothers. As she would say twenty years later, those words helped her get through everything that came her way.

One day, the officer was passing near the house, expecting to find the little girl there as usual. She wasn’t. He was immediately alarmed, and his instincts told him that something was seriously wrong. When he knocked, no one opened the door. After a few unanswered knocks, he made up his mind and went in. What he saw raised his hairs.

Young Klynn was lying on the floor, very ill and unable to move. She was struggling to breathe and could not raise as much as a finger. The officer picked her up and rushed her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a severe case of malnutrition. She got well, and after some time, she moved to Texas where she lost touch with the police officer.
Twenty years later, Klynn, now a grown woman, decided to share her story with the world. She told it on Facebook where she described the officer as her guardian angel. She dabbed him her hero and thanked him for saving her life. Klynn said that he was there for her when she literally had no one else.

A policewoman in the Kansas station came across her story and reached out to her where she gave him Sergeant Jeff Golvin’s email address. Klynn mailed him, and the officer remembered her. They met again in a tearful reunion where she said that she was glad she had gotten the chance to thank him personally. She hopes that one day, she too can become someone else’s hero and change their lives just as Sgt. Golvin saved hers.

A lot of children live with parents struggling with drug addictions. Most of these do not have stable jobs and are not able to fend for their kids. Others are even abusive and end up inflicting harm on them. In extreme cases, children are sexually abused while others die due to starvation or disease, owing to the neglect. Most of those that manage to survive live a traumatic life and some end up committing suicide. If you live with such parents or have information on such children, do not hesitate to call the police. You could save a life, just like Officer Jeff Golvin.

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