Sometimes we have no idea what kind of trouble we will run into, sometimes its big, sometimes it’s so little. There are also times when the problem is small but could lead to a very serious and embarrassing situation if no urgent solution is available. At those times we will give anything to have a fairy godmother like Cinderella, or Aladdin’s mat to ferry us away from the ugly situation.

Take this scenario, for example, you enter into a restaurant and after ordering a meal and eating, you realize that your wallet is missing, or you underestimated the cost of the meal and need a little help to save yourself from the embarrassing situation. If you are lucky, at that moment you could meet someone that will help you out of your predicament, and in certain cases, everything can just blow over without anyone’s involvement. Those are the kind of moments that get you wishing for a guardian angel, and if your wish is granted they can come in any form.

For Katie Kanafke, from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, her own guardian angel was an old woman, a total stranger who swooped into her rescue at Walmart. Carol Flynn was in the mall to shop just like Katie little did she know that she would be the one to save the other woman from an embarrassing situation as they stood on the checkout line carrying their good.

Carol had come to the mall to pick up a few random items, while Katie’s cart was loaded with diapers for her children. The problem, however, was that Katie didn’t have enough to buy the diapers but as a young mother, she needed those diapers desperately.

Katie’s total bill was $100 far beyond what she had budgeted for her shopping trip to the mall. Katie had thought that she would be able to get the diapers at a cheaper price since the mall was having a Diaper sale. But when she inquired from the clerk, she discovered that the sale was only for a single pack and didn’t cover all that she had bought. What was she to do now? She needed more than one pack of the diaper and she couldn’t afford to pay the $100 required for all she bought. She was in a fix.

Just when Katie thought all hope was lost, someone unexpected stepped into the situation to help her out. Carol who was standing next inline to her had heard the conversation between her and the clerk and decided to help her out. Rather than watch the dejected mother walk out of the store without the diapers she reached for her wallet and paid the money required for the items she bought.

Not only did Carol save Katie from an embarrassing situation, she had also helped her out by helping her pay for the diapers she so desperately needed. Unknown to Carol, someone was watching the whole episode as it unfolded and was making a video. The unknown person posted a video of the encounter online and the video went viral, without carol even knowing.

Watch the video below to See Katie’s reaction some days after her guardian angel intervened in the No doubt the world needs more people like Carol who would selflessly step out and help others without asking for anything in return

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