A blind and deaf soccer fan got to ‘watch’ and celebrate Colombia’s World Cup win on Sunday in real time thanks to his friend who signed every second of the match.

Jose Richard Gallego was one of several people at a restaurant in Bogota over the weekend for Colombia’s game against Poland in Group H of the World Cup. Unlike everyone else in the room, Gallego is blind and deaf so he could not watch or hear the game.

Gallego’s friend, Cesar Daza, did not want the man to miss out on the fun so he used hand gestures he created to communicate to Gallego every kick of the ball.

Cesar Daza (left) helped his friend Jose Gallego (right), who is blind and deaf,’watch’ Sunday’s World Cup game

Gallego (left) was able to celebrate the game in real time thanks to Daza (right) using hand gestures he created to communicate what was happening on the field

When Colombia scored a goal, both men jumped up from their chair and cheered

Daza told Metro UK that he had a hand gesture for everything, including out of bounds, sideline judge, penalty kick, yellow card and, of course, goal.

‘We’ve reached a common understanding,’ he told the outlet.

In the video, Daza is seen facing Gallego with a miniature soccer board between them. As Daza watches the game, he grabs his friends hands and signs what’s happening.

He uses the soccer board as a way to communicate with Gallego where the ball is on the field.

As Daza’s hands quickly glide back and forth across the board, Gallego smiles. When Colombia scores a goal, both men jump up out of their chairs and hug as everyone erupts in applause.

Even though Gallego could not hear or see what was happening around him, it was evident he understood the excitement sweeping through the room.

Gallego said he has always been a soccer fan. He told World News that he went blind when he was nine years from a disease, but did not let that stop him from enjoying the game.

Daza (right) and Gallego (left) met three years and bonded over their love for soccier

A video of Daza (right) signing the game to Gallego (left) was posted online and has drawn emotional responses from viewers

‘I still remember before I lost my sight, I often watched the matches between Santa Fe and the Millionarios on TV. I’ve liked the Millionarios since then,’ said Gallego in sign language.

According to the outlet, Gallego and Daza met three years ago and became fast friends. When they realized they were both huge soccer fans, Daza learned sign language and came up with his own hand gestures to help Gallego understand what was happening on the screen in real time.

The touching video left several viewers emotional.

‘This is soo beautiful. I told myself not to cry watching it but I couldn’t help but bawl my eyes out. There are some truly wonderful beings out there. Much, much love to both men,’ one user posed in the comments of the video.

‘OMG, This makes me cry,’ another wrote.

Another user said that both men need to be invited to the World Cup final. Colombia will play again on Thursday against Senegal.

Colombia will play in the World Cup again on Thursday against Senegal. Above, Yerry Mina (right) and Davinson Sanchez celebrate after scoring the opening goal during the first half of Sundays game

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