Bringing a newborn baby home for the first time is such a magical moment, but introducing pets to the new baby can be a bit nerve-wracking. Will they be stand-offish? Will they be protective? Will they be an automatic best friend? You never know how a dog is going to react.

For one family, they knew their Boxer, Bella, would make a great sibling to their newborn daughter Malina — they just didn’t know how great.

Even though Boxers are known as big and “tough” dogs, they are one of the most loving and gentle breeds on the planet. In fact, they make wonderful family dogs because they are so loyal and caring. They are also amazing with children.

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As Malina lies in her crib, her mom begins to film. She knew that Bella was nearby and wanted to capture a cute moment just in case it happened. Better safe than sorry, right? Well, as it turns out — what she captured is downright adorable.

At first, Mom is filming the newborn who is beginning to fuss, but then she pans down to underneath the crib where Bella happens to be hiding.

The mom pulls up the bed skirt to the crib and Bella the Boxer was quietly sitting directly underneath Malina with a worried look on her face. It was almost as if she was anguished at the fact that she couldn’t comfort the crying baby.

Source: ElectricNoodleSoup via YouTube

At this point, Malina really begins to start crying and fussing. Bella can’t stand the sound of her baby sister in distress; her head lifts and her ears perk up. As if letting Malina know she’s not alone, Bella begins to whimper too.

Hearing the newborn cry is too heartbreaking for Bella. The Boxer crawls out from under the crib to check on her baby sister.

Realizing that she can’t quite reach the little human, Bella whimpers some more. It’s obvious that all the sweet dog wants to do is provide comfort to the tiny baby. After a bit more whimpering from Bella, she looks up to mom with the camera with eyes that say “go help her, Mom!”

Source: ElectricNoodleSoup via YouTube

According to their YouTube page, Bella and Malina are just the best of friends. Bella will follow Malina around everywhere and even sleeps in her room at night. If Malina is upset, Bella will make sure to alert the parents. How amazing is that dog?

Bella clearly loves her newborn baby sister, and Malina is lucky to have such a caring fur sibling. The video below is too cute!

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