Just like every girl, Liz Ravenhill has planned everything for her wedding, a perfect wedding dress, perfect menu and a ring. She hired a videographer to shoot her special day but she didn’t know that a sweet surprise is waiting for her.

Image Source: Liz Ravenhall|Facebook

Her husband Ollie Ravenhall has planned something that would make her realize how loved and special she was as a music and dance teacher at Jaykays Dance Company in Warwickshire, England.

Image Source: Liz Ravenhall|Facebook

The ceremony began and she walked down the aisle, greeted her husband with a smile and both were ready to exchange their wedding vows. She suddenly heard a sound coming from the back of the church in the galley of St. Lawrence Church in Meriden.

Screenshot via YouTube

Her husband asked her to turn around. She covered her mouth with her hand when she saw her pupils singing Christina Perry’s beautiful love song “A Thousand Years” began.

Her husband kissed her forehead and wiped away her tears. She started to sing with them and her students waved to their beloved teacher during the sweet wedding ceremony.

Screenshot via YouTube

The video was captured by Van Rensburg Wedding Film and they posted it on their YouTube channel. The video went viral and got 6M views.

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