Twins share a special bond with each other. Not only do they spend 9 months together inside their mother’s wombs, but they also share the each other’s love.

Most twins adore and respect each other. After all, they are born from the same egg. Apart from looking the same, the twins can sometimes read each other’s minds and also understand each other better.

A video has surfaced online where 2 kids can be seen just after their birth. They have been holding on to each other just like they used to when they were inside their mother’s womb.

It seems like they don’t want to leave each other’s company and feel secure when they have embraced each other.  It feels warm when we are being hugged by someone.

The cute video shows them taking a bath while hugging each other. Their tiny little eyes remain closed, and they move around a bit, but most importantly they do not leave each other.

Gently, they are being cleansed by the nurse and showered.

It seems like we can all take a lesson from these twins. We have siblings, but we sometimes don’t care for them. These twins have shown us that we must always be together and love each other.

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