One of the oldest couples in America, Arthur, and Maria Jacobs celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary, though in a hospital. They were joined by their grandchildren as they collected around Marcia’s hospital bed. This memorable meeting was recorded by their grandson, Gabe Jacobs, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker.

Gabe was talking to Marcia, asking if she remembers her husband, Arthur. 100-year-old Marcia has lost her ability to communicate and understand. However, her husband knew how to connect with his wife. He took her hands into his and started talking to her.

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Arthur’s trick of holding hands worked, but Marcia was still unable to communicate. She was trying to speak, but all that left her mouth was, “Hello, hello..”

Not losing hope just yet, the Grandpa tried again, he told her that he loves her, he has loved her for eighty years, and that is a very long time.

The couple met when they were students at the University of Wisconsin; they got married before the outbreak of World War II. A few years earlier, they had moved to Rye from New York, before living in New York the couple also lived in Larchmont for quite some time.

Although she could only muster a ‘hello,’ she still recognized whose hands were holding her, so she brought them forward and kissed Arthur’s hands. Heartbroken by the fact that his wife can no longer identify him, he just told her that he misses her all the time.

Fatigued by the age, she could not keep her eyes open for too long and rested quietly while her family surrounded her.

This soul-stirring video was later posted by their grandson, Gabe to YouTube; he wrote that his grandparents are incredible. “Arthur is still so much in love with Marcia, and he is so saddened by the fact that she can no longer communicate.”

He added that he is proud to be their grandson.

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