Soldiers are some of the bravest souls on earth. They never fail to make us proud, do they? Despite being in constant risk themselves, they always ensure their country and its citizens are safe. They are the real heroes on earth, and they deserve all our love and respect. The video below shows the brave soldiers from our nation and those from our ally’s coming together for a beautiful rendition of the song, “Coming Home”.

This amazing cover will no doubt fill your heart with love, pride, and respect for all the men and women in the service sector. The patriotic lyrics will not only fill your heart with emotions, but it just might inspire you too! These singing soldiers will leave you speechless for sure. In the video, three serving soldiers from the British Army join forces in voice with two US Soldiers. They sing alongside each other and it is really beautiful to watch.

They say their version of the song is dedicated to all service personnel who serve us all with pride around the world. You are going to be moved when you see this! This is definitely one of the best things I have watched today! Check out their performance below! What did you think about this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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