After a horrific car accident in which a family was hospitalized, they thought they had lost their dog, Ella, who had been thrown from the vehicle and lost. But it turned out she was only waiting on a porch, for a bystander had found her and taken her home but had no idea where her family was.

Kathy Wilkes-Myers was walking along an interstate in central Tennessee when she came across a very scrawny and starving Rottweiler. At first, she was wary of the dog, as she had often encountered stray dogs, but this one was different. The dog, named Ella, rubbed against her leg looking for reassurance, and Kathy decided to take the dog home.

“I could just tell right away she was somebody’s baby. She just didn’t act like a stray dog to me,” she told CBS.

©Youtube Screenshot | CBS

©Youtube Screenshot | CBS

In the back of her mind was the thought that there had been an accident somewhere near where she found Ella, so she went back to the scene looking for any clues, thinking Ella might have been involved in the accident. The dog went with her, and when they got close to the site, Ella began pulling on the leash. She took Kathy to a pile of personal items belonging to the family, which she had collected and hidden after the accident.

A tearful Kathy realized Ella had been waiting for her family’s return, but, recalling the horrific accident, she didn’t think anyone would have survived it.

©Youtube Screenshot | CBS

©Youtube Screenshot | CBS

After contacting the authorities to inquire about any survivors, she was stunned to discover the family had survived. Ella had been thrown out of the car and had hidden in the woods, so no one had noticed her. She then returned to the crash site and collected items such as toothbrushes, a comb, and a candle with ‘Michelle’ printed on it. That was a clue, for one of the family members was named Michelle.

Ella had waited there for 13 long days and nights before Kathy rescued her.

©Youtube Screenshot | CBS

When Ella was reunited with her family, she was overjoyed, and the family were overwhelmed, as they had assumed she had perished in the accident.

“That’s the last spot she saw her family and she was going to stay there,” Kathy told the family.

“I’m lucky to be sitting here with my family,” said Joe .

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