Border Collies are exceptionally smart and were bred with the specific purpose of being herding dogs. This instinct is still going strong in modern Border Collies, as proven by this demonstration from Lass and Celt, two Collies who are training for an upcoming show.

A man in Monroe County, Tennessee, is training his two super-talented Border Collies for an upcoming show. In this video, he demonstrates how he gets the dogs to herd a flock of ducks back into their crate.

The man uses a variety of whistle-signals to guide the dogs. The dogs show incredible self-control and tact, as they slowly take turns in playing their role and guiding the ducks into the crate.

They almost have success, but for one naughty duck who doesn’t want to get into the crate. The dogs are up for the extra challenge though, as they move a few feet at a time, and slowly but surely show the duck who’s boss!

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