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You can see a lot of videos of animals on the internet. Some are posted by credible websites or trusted pages that focus on protecting our wildlife. There are a lot of people who are dedicated and shows there love for the animals. Today, we are going to show you how an animal expert builds a connection with a tiger from the wild.

Seven years ago, an animal expert named Kevin Richardson save a drowning lioness. The two lioness was in danger and luckily Kevin found them. The experts named the two Amy and Meg and both of them are like soulmates. Also, these two are very affectionate and it seems like they’re humans. The connection between the Kevin and the two lionesses are amazing!

“You could many, many people in your life, but there’s a few you could actually connect wholeheartedly”

After seven years, Kevin decided to meet with the two and capture the amazing moment using his GoPro. You can see that the two have grown into a great hunter in the wild. Animals are very smart. They can easily tell if you are a threat or you are an ally. They can instantly figure out that Kevin was trying to save them back then.

They have captured a moment wherein the two bonded with each other. In the video, you can see that Kevin was calling her to go in the river and without a second thought she leap in his shoulder, You can actually see how much she trust him!

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