This video was shot at the Zimbabwe National Park, in this, an animal got firmly stuck in the mud, and this man did not think twice before running to rescue him.

The female Impala was in trouble, so much so that she could die if someone didn’t rescue her on time. However, the situation did not get this much worse. The authorities quickly took some action and sent a man even to stand her.

The man had a rope tied around his waist and arms, and he stepped down in the mud to help the Impala.

When he entered in the mud, he tried to pull her out of the mud, but due to her weight, couldn’t even move her. Then he applied another approach; he tied his rope on the legs of the Impala so that people at the bank could pull her out.

Now with this added help, he could pull the poor animal out. Realising that the man is here to help her, she too tried to coordinate by stopping her struggles.

Finally, after a lot of struggle, the man and the onlookers could pull the Impala out of the mud. She was exhausted, and so when they removed the ropes from her legs, she was too weak to even stand up.

The men made her drink some water, after which she regained some energy, stood up and then ran away.

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