This adorable dog has a special way of hiding the boiled eggs it stole from its owner.

In the YouTube channel FeelSoGood, a video featuring an egg theft case of a dog brings smiles to anyone who watches the video.

FeelSoGood YouTube

The video shows a dog with its checks full of something.

When the owner boiled eggs and left to fetch something and returned the owner found that the eggs were gone, the shows the dog and the dog stared back with innocent eyes .

FeelSoGood YouTube

Then an egg plops out from one the cheeks of the dog, and another eggs follows soon after from the other cheek.

The eggs roll onto the ground and the dog just stares at them making those who watch it laugh.

On the other hand, raw eggs can not be given to dogs, but in the case of boiled eggs, whites have a component that causes biotin deficiency,but the yolk has good nutrients which are great for snacks.

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