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On a safari adventure when wild cheetah jumps onto their car. But what happens next—extraordinary

A group of tourists at Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya were fascinated when they saw a cheetah out in the wild while on a safari adventure. They watched the cheetah walk behind their vehicle and expected it to appear on the other side but were instead frozen with fear when it suddenly leaped onto the safari cart and stared them square in the face, practically holding them hostage. The local tour guide can be heard advising the passengers not to move and stay quiet. “No problem. Hakuna matata,” he tells them.

The heart-stopping video shows the cheetah scanning the desert before laying down to relax just inches away from the passenger’s faces. While everyone held their breath and hoped the cheetah wouldn’t attack, one man used the moment to take memorable photos of the up-close encounter. After what might the longest 45 minutes of their lives, the driver starts the car, scaring off the big cat, and everyone takes a big deep breath.