A day in the pool generally means the kids are splashing around having fun, barbecuing with the neighbors and tons of fun pool toys! But for this unique family, a pool day means their rescue raccoon, Tito, and chocolate labrador, Penny, are wading in the warm water!

Mom stands to the side with her camera while Tito melts hearts as he reaches out towards the pool, but then Penny steals the show. Keeping a raccoon around the house can be risky for health and safety reasons, but Tito’s situation is a little different.


Tito was rescued and raised alongside Penny since the raccoon was a baby, which means they share an unbreakable bond. It may seem strange that a dog and raccoon can be friends, but it actually makes sense.

Suzanne MacDonald, a professor of animal behavior at York University in Toronto, told the Mother Nature Network that raccoons are just as smart, if not smarter, than dogs like Penny. According to Suzanne, raccoons were frequently used as test subjects back in the day – like the time when Walter Hunter tested raccoons to see if they were smarter than dogs.


What he found was the raccoons were able to complete the memory games more accurately and retain the knowledge longer than the pups! This means Penny trusts Tito’s intuition wholeheartedly.

So, when Tito jumps into the pool, Penny knows it’s safe and follows along! Within seconds, Tito climbs on top of Penny’s back and the two enjoy some much-needed relaxation time in the warm water!


Their antics in the pool are absolutely adorable. The way they’ve bonded is heartwarming, too.

Their relationship is definitely interesting and we’re just lucky that their owners shared the footage of this fun day for the world to see! What a blessing these two unlikely pals are for those fortunate enough to see them in action.


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