I remember when my niece was born. We were so excited to welcome the new baby into our lives and home. The whole family was eagerly awaiting her arrival and that’s all we talked about — things to do once the baby is here! Everyone was very vocal about their excitement, except the dog. Of course, my family had been talking to the dog about how there will be a new member coming around soon. Did he understand? We’re not sure, but we were just a little worried on how he’d react.

My sister and the rest of the family weren’t the only people who were worried, though. I think it’s safe to say that all new parents are always a bit anxious to have their newborn around the family dog because they just don’t know how the pet will react. There are so many questions that run through your head: Will the dog accept the baby? Will he/she be kind and caring towards him/her? Or, will the pup get jealous and fight for attention?

As a family, your priority is to keep everyone happy, and that includes your pet, so it’s important to make things work for everyone.

These are the thoughts that the parents in the video below probably had, too.

Little puppy Zayla was the only child before her baby sister came along. Now, it’s time for her to meet the newest addition to her family, and it’s clear in the video that mom is a little bit nervous. As the baby is laying on the bed, fast asleep, mom is sitting on the floor, on her knees, with her hands resting on the bed. While dad is filming, they call Zayla into the room. The pup comes trotting in and makes her way to the bed. The good sign here is that her tail is wagging, she’s excited to see this new human!


Dad goes on to tell her, “Zayla, this is your new sister.” The pup doesn’t respond to that statement but she makes her way over to the baby and starts to sniff her, putting her nose close to the kid’s face, neck, and hair. The dog walks around her sister in circles and continues to sniff.

Then, as if there is a slight change of heart, Zayla backs off and sits away on the side, staring at the baby. She’s got a confused look on her face and mom and dad burst out laughing!

Click below to watch Zayla meet her younger sister for the time, in the video!

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