It’s scary to think that bears are lurking around your neighborhood at night. Although the animals are wary of humans and don’t like to be seen or come into contact with them, we still tend to be cautious and also try to avoid the species. Even though they avoid humans, the animals do prowl around at night time to look for food. The easiest way for them to do this is by going around and knocking peoples’ trashcans down. This will lead the contents of the can to spill out and this way they can eventually find a good meal.

It sounds like a cute and harmless plan, only that for those who have their trashcans knocked down each night, this isn’t very convenient. One homeowner didn’t appreciate a bear coming around each night and going through the garbage; what got him angry was that his lawn was full of garbage every morning. So, he took matters into his own hands. [googled2]

This owner in Salem, Virginia got a bit creative to ensure that the local bears look elsewhere for their dinner.

We know it’s WAY too early for Halloween, but he decided to bring out his Halloween decor nine months early.

In the video below, you’ll see the bear approaching the guy’s trashcan all ready to munch out when it comes across a hanging clown from the garbage bin. It continues the procedure of excavating some food from the bin by trying to knock it down. That’s when the clown kicks in and gives the bear a hilarious scare!

We don’t want to ruin this one for you, so click on the link below to see how the bear reacts to this creepy clown.

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