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This monkey loves a good grooming. Her faces are hilarious

Monkeys Love a Good Grooming!

Monkeys love a good grooming. Why wouldn’t they? Grooming feels good to all of us, human or animal, big or small, hairy or bald. There’s nothing like a relaxing head message to sooth the cares away, whether it’s this little monkey covered with hair or a full-grown man as bald as a cue ball. Who doesn’t enjoy having their hair combed and smoothed and groomed by a gentle hand? This monkey is living the good life! So, so relaxing, just combing his cares away. What’s next for this furry fella? Mmm … a pedicure would nice! What about a nice foot rub and maybe a gentle shoulder massage? Maybe just rub his temples a little bit? A monkey’s life can be so stressful!

This dude is enjoying a nice scalp massage, too! It looks like not just a massage but a thorough cleaning as well. It’s a good thing his scalp is so easy to get to. We don’t think his horsey-faced masseuse would want to work on a hairy client. He’ll probably want to skip the pedicure though. Those hooves aren’t meant for handling clippers.

Do you have video of your pet enjoying a grooming or getting a bath?