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Man Hears Cries For Help Under The House, But When He Starts Digging—He Can’t Believe in His Eyes

When Vadim and Aleksandra Rustam left their home they were glad to see city workers finally fixing the pavement on their apartment block in Voronezh, Russia.

It had been several weeks since the pavement collapsed and the couple were looking forward to coming home to a sealed sidewalk.

But after coming home two days later, they heard barking and whimpering coming from underneath their porch steps.

It was extremely disturbing.

“We were shocked,” Aleksandra told Bloknot-Voronezh. “We rushed to ask the neighbors what had happened. They only told us that the workers had fixed the hole…”

A stray dog had been buried alive and left to die underneath the ground outside their apartment building. A pregnant dog — named Belka.

“We asked authorities and no one would help us,” Vadim’s wife, Aleksandra said. “Monsters!”

The local housing authorities refused to help and city workers didn’t care either. So Vadim rescues the dog himself.

He took a tool to the ground and started pulling the freshly laid bricks out one by one.

After digging through the sand underneath, Vadim gently lifted the pregnant stray out of the hole while his wife filmed the rescue.

In the video, Aleksandra can be heard calling out to Belka through tears: “Come in my dear! Come out! Let’s go my sweetheart! Come out!”

Aleksandra told local newspaper,  Bloknot-Voronezh,  that she believes the negligent workers buried the dog in the sinkhole in a cruel act of indifference.

“I don’t believe that they just failed to notice the dog. It’s not a hamster. The workers probably just didn’t want to make an effort and retrieve the animal. The neighbors also proved to be indifferent. They understood the poor creature got trapped. But who wants to waste their time, getting their hands dirty? No one cared.”

Thanks to this kindhearted man who wouldn’t give up, Belka was saved. But tragically, her puppies were not. After two days without food and water, they died in the womb.

Belka was sent to a shelter for recovery and will be available for adoption soon.