One of the most majestic animals in the kingdom is the Gorilla. Perhaps it’s their human-like mannerisms that draw the attention of onlookers. The way they move, make eye contact, and the way they interact with their family is relatable and captivating. Especially when it involves babies.


Just like in the human world, a newborn brother or sister is an exciting time for older siblings. It can also cause anxiety as the older sibling(s) begin to realize that they are no longer at the center of their mother’s attention.

In this video, we see Lopes, a 4-year-old gorilla who is getting used to mom holding his new sibling all the time. Much like a human 4-year-old, he begins to act out by being silly so he can distract his mama.


But mom’s only concern is holding her newborn and making sure that her older son keeps his attention-seeking playfulness in check.


Watch the beautiful connection between mother and newborn followed by the silly display of antics that her older son puts on. Anything to get mom to pay attention! Not only is the newborn precious but the older brother is just downright hilarious.


There are so many similarities between primates and humans. It’s not shocking to see that a Gorilla raising a baby with an older sibling is not so different from us.

Watch the video and see that the shenanigans we go through are eerily similar across species lines.

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