A feisty feline tries to pick a fight with another cat, only to find his legs are far too short for a confrontation in this adorable video.

Seemingly channelling Scrappy-Doo, the little tabby and white Munchkin cat picks a fight with its larger companion on the back of a sofa.

But it soon finds its short limbs are going to be a hindrance in a scrap and his grey opponent soon puts a stop to the nonsense with just one paw.

The video, filmed in Hong Kong, had people in stitches when it was posted online.

One viewer said: ‘I love how the cat on the right slowly accepts it.’

Another added: That’s not fair! Having a Munchkin cat and regular cat living together. What an imbalance of power.’

Another joked: ‘As a short person, I know exactly how that feels.’

Munchkin cats are characterised by their short legs, which are caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation.

The breed is controversial and critics have voiced concerns about potential health and mobility issues with the animals.

From Daily Mail

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