A politics interview was interrupted when a cat climbed onto a professor’s head.

Dr Targalski was giving an interview to a Dutch current affairs show ginger moggy Lisio hopped on his bonce.

The moggy was sat on a table near the academic as the interview began before deciding to find a more comfortable spot on his owner’s shoulders.

Dr Targalski was talking about the political situation in Poland, amid a government crackdown on the country’s independent supreme court.

But Dr Targalski wasn’t phased and although visibly amused as his moggy made him way up onto his shoulders carried on talking.

Lisio decided to hop on Dr Targalski’s head as the professor was being interviewed on live TV

But Dr Targalski was not phased by the cat taking up his new position and carried on speaking

He remained unperturbed despite the ginger moggy wrapping its tail around his head

At one point the moggy wrapped his tail around Dr Targalski’s face – but the academic was still unperturbed.

Dutch journalist Rudy Bouma, who was conducting the interview, shared a video of the cat’s antics on Twitter and it has currently been shared almost 9000 times.

A new law forces Polish judges to retire at 65 rather an 70.

The move effectively wipes out swathes of the country’s judiciary including the country’s chief judge, Malgorzata Gersdorf.

The decision has seen thousands take to the streets in Poland in protest.

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