Alzheimer’s is a disease that slowly robs the memory of those who are diagnosed with this life-altering disease. For Molly McManimie of Las Vegas, Nevada, she knows all too well the devastation Alzheimer’s has on a loved one and their family members. Her grandmother, Betty, is one of several family members who have the disease. Though Grandma Betty might be facing a slow decline in memory, one thing she never wavers from is her love of dogs.

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Dogs have a way of uniting people and making even the darkest times of life shine a bit brighter. Grandma Betty asked for a dog over and over, and her husband would always tell her “no.”

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The family was able to convince Grandpa to allow his wife to get a dog, and the search for a rescue pooch began. Meet Fenton, the dog who now has a forever home with Betty.

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“I wanted this for so long, it just breaks my heart,” Betty can be heard saying through her tears. Watch as this beautiful soul is given the dog she always wanted:

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